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If you elect to make changes to your squad outside of Transfer Windows, “emergency loans” can be used – temporary “transfers” that come packaged with a points penalty. Players can be loaned for one, two or three Gameweeks after which your original player swaps back in.

As mentioned, the major change this season is that the cost of a loan has been reduced considerably.

You’ll now lose just three points for a single player for a single Gameweek, five points for two Gameweeks and six points for three Gameweeks.

Loans are therefore far more viable as a tactic and will likely play a far greater role in our week-to-week strategy. Apart from solving an injury crisis, they now have a bigger part to play in double Gameweeks and can even be used for short-term punts on in-form players with strong fixtures.

Feasibly, you could loan in your captain on a regular basis (gambling three points) if you felt that the new player offered a greater potential for returns than a player in your current squad. This could be particularly fruitful when considering players for matchday 2 (Sunday fixtures) or matchday 3 (Monday fixtures), when you’re perhaps less likely to have a wide pool of talent available to you. Work this in tandem with favourable fixtures and extend the load period to three Gameweeks and the return on your points investment could be very significant.

The reduction in loan payments look set to be key. The tactics involved in “playing the system” are suddenly opened up.

There is one notable caveat, however – you can only ever have one set of loans active at any one time. If you sign a player on a three-Gameweek loan, you’ll have to cancel that loan if you then choose to loan in another player during that spell. You should therefore consider your long-term loans very carefully.