A Geography of Time


have been surrounded by so many helpful and knowledgeable
students, colleagues, and friends that it is difficult to know
where my ideas begin and where theirs leave off. Let me single
out a few of these people for special thanks. I am indebted to the
following for generously providing insights and stories used in this
book: Neil Altman, Stephen Buggie, Kris Eyssell, Alex Gonzalez,
Eric Hickey, James Jones, the late William Kir-Stimon, Shirley
Kirsten, Todd Martinez, Kuni Miyake, Salvatore Niyonzima, Harry
Reis, Suguru Sato, Jean Traore, Fred Turk, and Jyoti Verma. Here
at my university, Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, Jean Ritter, Aroldo Rodrigues, and Lynnette Zelezny have been indispensable sources of
information and support. Among many other helpful colleagues, I
would like to thank Rick Block, Richard Brislin (whose teachings
were the inspiration for chapter 9), Edward Diener and Harry
Triandis for their teachings about the subjects of time and/or culture, and their willingness to respond to my many requests for
data and information.