Archaeology for Dummies


Archaeology is exciting adventure and discovery. It’s also sometimes 
horribly misunderstood and wrongly stereotyped. Many well-educated 
people still think that archaeology is bones, dinosaurs, or fossils, but it’s 
none of these. Archaeological remains are things humans left — artifacts or 
garbage stains in the soil or ruins of huts or palaces. Others think archaeology 
must mean only Egyptian temples or Roman ruins, but archaeology is everywhere that humans have been, including your own back yard and even the 
Today archaeology is a big part of popular culture, in movies, computer 
games and the news. Authors write about everything from archaeology’s role 
in science fiction to its practical use in the modern world. More professional 
archaeologists, more History Channel specials on the ancient past, and more 
opportunities to see and participate in archaeology now exist than ever before.
This book aims to explore the science, describe the thrills, and show you 
what archaeology is all about, whether you want to get involved via the 
armchair or in digging.