Spatial Variation of Radio Refractivity Across Nigeria

Abstract- The monthly average radio refractivity of Sokoto, Ikeja, Lokoja, have been determined using the data of temperature, pressure and relative humidity between 1971 and 1980 of Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NIMET). The workemployed ITU-R model to determine the various parameters. The result showed that there was variation in the monthly radio refractivity of the  study but more noticed in Sokoto compared to Ikeja and Lokoja.

Microgravity and Infertility

It was observed that swim rate of sperm changes in microgravity. Sperm swim with higher velocity in microgravity. The fertilization might be affected by this mobility changes in sperm and this led to reduction in sperm motility under microgravity. Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) that is responsible for ovulation in women by triggering egg maturity and stimulating sperm production in men can be damaged by microgravity. Therefore, ovulations and triggering of egg maturity and production of sperm may not take place.

Estimation of Monthly Radio Refractivity over Plateau State, Nigeria

This work studies the radio refractivity of Plateau state using the data average monthly temperture, pressure and relative humidity covering 22 years ( 1983 – 2005) obtained from the archiveof NASA’s earthdata. The analysis was carried out using mathematical method, and it was found out that the radio refractivity was lower in dryseason (November, December, January and February) and higher in wet season (between March and October), with maximum refractivity occurring in the month of May (wet season) and minimum occurring in January (dry season).

Effects of Microgravity on Sexual Organs

This review introduces microgravity environment; the escape velocity which is independent of the mass of the object escaping; and the effects of microgravity on bones, muscles, blood flow, proprioceptive system and redistribution of fluid in relation to theimpact of the affected parts to the reproductive organs. Since the human reproductive organs components include bones, muscles, blood and fluids tissues. From previous work, it was discovered that penis, virginal, and uterus activities are negatively affected.

Comparative Analysis Of Interplanetary Magnetic Field And Moving Charged Particles

The discussion reviews the wave-particle duality of clouds of ions, protons and electron blown out from Sun and enter Earth’s magnetic field. They behave as particles when they are at rest or moving with uniform motion-velocity from the source or co-rotate with Sun and behave as waves when they are moving with non-constant motion-velocity (non-uniform motion) in other word accelerating.

Assessment of Atmospheric Effect On Signal Strength WE FM Radio Station Abuja

The radio signal strength of an FM radio station, WE FM, 106.3 MHz Abuja was simultaneously measured along with the atmospheric pressure of the study area.The measured atmospheric pressure using digital barometer and the radio frequency signal strength of the radio station using digital CATV signal meter from 5.00 am to 8.00 pm and at one hour interval on 10th and 11th of January, 2018 were used to  investigatethe effect of atmospheric pressure on signal strength of the FM radio station (WE FM) in Abuja, Nigeria.It was observed from the result that atmospheric pressure has effect on the sig

Assessing The Impact of Azimulthal Field Component of Interplanetary Magnetic Field in Interplanetary Space

The Azimuthal field is the major component that dominated interplanetary space and carried interplanetary magnetic field to the magnetospheric region or geomagnetic field because the radial field disappears due to the 1r2 vs1r behavior, leaving only the tangential field magnitude(acceleration field or Azimuthal field). The deceleration field at magnetospheric region which is equivalent to Azimuthal field in the reversed direction is a major factor to southward turning of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field creating geomagnetic storm. There exist non-zero Azimuthal at boundary interface. (i).