Research Programmes and Projects

The NOAA Programme

he National Centre for Remote Sensing, Jos, on October, 2006 acquired and installed the first High Resolution Picture Transmission (HRPT) Equipment in Nigeria capable of receiving real-time data from NOAA Satellites in space.

The equipment receives data from three (3) NOAA Satellites daily (namely NOAA 17,18 and 19 ).
We download data both at ascending period (morning) and descending period (afternoon to evening).
We have NOAA data covering most part of the AFRICA continent

Census of Natural Resources Using NIGERIASAT-1 Data

a. National Landuse Landcover Mapping Project of a scale of 1:100,000.
b. National Bio-Resources Information System

National Food Security Programme

a. Production of Daily Sea Surface Temperature Data in Nigeria.
b. National Early Warning Weather Information Programme