Research Papers

Some Research Paper

Census of Natural Resources Using NIGERIASAT-1 Data.
a. National Landuse Landcover Mapping Project of a scale of 1:100,000.
b. National Bio-Resources Information System
National Food Security Proframme.
a. Production of Daily Sea Surface Temperature Data in Nigeria.
b. National Early Warning Weather Information Programme
Use of Remote Sensing and GIS in Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Benue Trough.
Predictive Modeling for Desertification Early Warning in the Northwestern Nigeria.
Creation of Health Facilities Database in Osun State Content

Towards Actualizing Nigeria Space Programme: NCRS satellite data acquisition and management

If you elect to make changes to your squad outside of Transfer Windows, “emergency loans” can be used – temporary “transfers” that come packaged with a points penalty. Players can be loaned for one, two or three Gameweeks after which your original player swaps back in.

As mentioned, the major change this season is that the cost of a loan has been reduced considerably.

You’ll now lose just three points for a single player for a single Gameweek, five points for two Gameweeks and six points for three Gameweeks.