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Astronomy Principles and Practice

The etymology of the word ‘Astronomy’ implies that it was the discipline involved in ‘the arranging
of the stars’. Today we might say that astronomy is our attempt to study and understand celestial
phenomena, part of the never-ending urge to discover order in nature. We do not know who were
the first astronomers—what we do know is that the science of astronomy was well advanced in parts
of Europe by the middle of the third millennium BC and that the Chinese people had astronomical

Astronomy — A Self Teaching Guide

Astronomy is a user-friendly guide for beginners. Chapters make it easy for
you to quickly learn the main topics of a college level course. Sections clarify
basic principles and contemporary advances. The Index enables you to look
up concepts, definitions, facts and famous astronomers, fast. 
You can use the book alone or with a conventional textbook, Internetbased or distance-learning course, computer software, telescope manual, or as
a handy reference.

At War with the Weather

Since 2001, we have entered a new era of catastrophes. Our nation is facing large-scale
risks at an increasing pace. We are more vulnerable to extreme events as a result of the
increasing concentration of population and activities in high-risk coastal regions of the
country. The question is not whether large-scale catastrophes will occur, but when and
how frequently they will strike and the extent of damages they will cause. Redefining disaster management and new financing solutions are now coming to the forefront of the

Atlas of the World's deserts

In the Western imagination the word “desert” most often evokes a landscape of endless
gigantic sand dunes, dazzling white under a cloudless hot-blue sky and a blazing sun. 
This landscape of the imagination is likely to be empty—deserted—except, perhaps, for a 
caravan of nomads and camels that inches slowly across the horizon, or a lone man
stumbling, sun-blackened and sun-parched, through the heat haze. Or there may even be 
an emerald-green oasis, where tents are set out in the shade of a palm grove—though this, 

Atmospheric Aerosol Properties

AutoCAD Map3D 2010 Tutorials

Atlas of Travel and Tourism Development

The geography of travel and tourism as it is taught today is destination-focused, with students able to avail
themselves of excellent textbooks which examine the geography of demand and present a balanced view of destination development. However, in the writer’s view insufficient attention is paid to the historical factors that
underpin destination development. With a very few exceptions, little has been published that explores tourism’s
history. Indeed, this is usually consigned to a small portion of the introductory chapter in tourism textbooks,

Basic Coastal Engineering

The second edition (1997) of this text was a completely rewritten version of the
original text Basic Coastal Engineering published in 1978. This third edition
makes several corrections, improvements and additions to the second edition.
Basic Coastal Engineering is an introductory text on wave mechanics and
coastal processes along with fundamentals that underline the practice of coastal
engineering. This book was written for a senior or first postgraduate course in
coastal engineering. It is also suitable for self study by anyone having a basic

Basic Concepts of Algebraic Topology

This text is intended as a one semester introduction to algebraic topology 
at the undergraduate and beginning graduate levels. Basically, it covers 
simplicial homology theory, the fundamental group, covering spaces, the 
higher homotopy groups and introductory singular homology theory. 
The text follows a broad historical outline and uses the proofs of the 
discoverers of the important theorems when this is consistent with the 
elementary level of the course. This method of presentation is intended to 

Basic Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is one of the most popular, complex and fast growing disciplines in
engineering. The scope of environment includes issues from public health, aesthetics, and impact
of all development activities, pollution control legislation, standards, regulations, guidelines and
their enforcement. Traditionally the application of engineering principles for the protection and
enhancement of the quality of environment and protection of public health was called as sanitary

Basic Math and Pre Algebra

Basic Math and Pre-Algebra is the first of three 
books in the Master Math series. The second and third 
books are entitled Algebra and Re-Calculus and Geometry. The Master Math series presents the general 
principles of mathematics from grade school through 
college including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus and introductory calculus. 
Basic Math and Pre-Algebra is a comprehensive 
arithmetic book that explains the subject matter in a 
way that makes sense to the reader. It begins with the 

Beginning ASP.NET 4 in C# and Visual Basic (VB)

This is a very nice book written by one of ASP.NET’s very own Most Valuable Professionals, Imar 
Spaanjaars. It takes a lot to be a Microsoft MVP — not only do you need expertise in the subject 
matter, you also need to be a great teacher and a technology philanthropist. Through his blogs, 
articles, and books, Imar has given a considerable amount of his time to benefit the web development community.
Imar has been active in the ASP.NET community for a long time and has written several books 

Beginning MySQL

Welcome to Beginning MySQL, the definitive resource for anyone new to the MySQL database management system. As the most popular open source database system in the world, MySQL has gained not only
recognition among its peers but a place of prominence in the worldwide technical industry, ensuring an
ever-growing need for information and training on how to implement a MySQL database and access and
manage data in that database.
Because of its ease of implementation, low overhead, reliability, and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),

Beginning Python

Beyond the Biophysical

The history of development intervention is marked by multiple failures at dialogue 
between analysts and practitioners; an impasse caused in part by the failure to reconcile disparate professional languages. In Kenya, where critical thought for this book 
was generated, a cause célèbre in livestock intensification has been the ill-fated 
Maasai Project of the 1960s and 1970s. The wider East Africa region too is known 

Biogeography and Plate Tectonics

Our modern living world, the biosphere, may be subdivided into a number of 
biogeographic regions and provinces, each with its own distinctive complex of 
species. An important goal of research is to become better acquainted with the 
history of these various biogeographic units, for the composition of the ecosystem 
in each is a reflection of its past. We find, that as time has gone on, the relationship 
of the biota of the various units to one another has changed and that such changes 

Biographical Encyclopedia for Scientists 3rd. Ed.

This reference book presents biographical entries on important scientists – from the
earliest times to the present day. It is an updated version of A Biographical
Encyclopedia of Scientists, which was published by the Institute of Physics in 1993.
This in turn was based o n earlier editions.
In this new edition, we have updated all the entries and added over 200 new
biographies. We have also included a simple pronunciation guide in entries where this
is appropriate. The respelling system used is shown on page vi. Another added feature

Biomes of the Earth — Agricultural and Urban Areas

Earth is a remarkable planet. There is nowhere else in our
solar system where life can survive in such a great diversity of
forms. As far as we can currently tell, our planet is unique.
Isolated in the barren emptiness of space, here on Earth we
are surrounded by a remarkable range of living things, from
the bacteria that inhabit the soil to the great whales that
migrate through the oceans, from the giant redwood trees of

Biomes of the Earth — Deserts

Earth is a remarkable planet. There is nowhere else in our
solar system where life can survive in such a great diversity of
forms. As far as we can currently tell, our planet is unique.
Isolated in the barren emptiness of space, here on Earth we
are surrounded by a remarkable range of living things, from
the bacteria that inhabit the soil to the great whales that
migrate through the oceans, from the giant redwood trees of